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The Wealth "Ensurance" subscription-based service is based on our belief that impactful financial advice and guidance is best delivered in the context of a long-term, ongoing relationship. Our objective with this offering is to help make sure that clients are: taking advantage of all the relevant strategies, staying true to their goals, and making the necessary changes as new circumstances arise. With an ongoing financial planning relationship, you will receive proactive advice to help ensure that you are making real progress towards what matters most. This platform is best suited for clients that value a partnership with a professional financial planner, but their current financial situation doesn’t necessarily require the initial development of a comprehensive financial plan. More often than not, these individuals possess a baseline of financial knowledge, already have a plan in place, and/or do not have an immediate, pressing financial concern. We function as an accountability partner to bring new ideas, offer professional analysis & second opinions, and help build on your financial IQ along the way.

What to Expect

A professional relationship with a financial planner who will use the analytical abilities, financial planning tools, and reporting capabilities available through our practice to make recommendations specific to your individual circumstances

  • Financial planning software that can compare various scenarios simultaneously and make forward-looking projections to help you decide which actions to take now and how they may impact your future.
  • Ability to evaluate the various components of your financial life such as cash flow, asset allocation, individual investments, tax strategies, and more.

Customizable 12 Month Service Calendar

  • Includes 2-12 virtual meetings per year depending on your individual preferences
  • Strategic supplemental engagements between meetings based on your specifics and our seasonal recommendations. For example, we often recommend an End of Year Tax Planning Review in November or December to take advantage of any opportunities for improvement
  • Access to exclusive, client-only webinars to enhance your financial literacy and familiarize you with any changes or updates in the financial world
  • Proactive outreach to help make sure you are taking advantage of any potential new financial ideas or strategies that might be relevant

Actionable meeting summaries with immediate next steps and recommendations in plain English

Recommendations to other experts in our network and coordination with other professionals in your life when appropriate

We will help you follow through on your plan with reminders and email alerts pertaining to any outstanding tasks

A CFP® team who you can contact via email any time as your situation changes or additional clarity is needed


$150 / Month

With the Wealth "Ensurance" subscription-based program, our ongoing financial planning fee is $150 per month. A monthly fee following your specific service calendar allows you access to us no matter what problems arise, whether they’re more complex or unique to their specific situation.

Schedule No-Cost Introductory Call