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Jordan Grzesczyk, CFP®  Photo
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Jordan Grzesczyk, CFP®

Financial Planner

After spending years delivering sophisticated financial advice to high-net-worth executives, individuals, and families while working at firms like Morgan Stanley and Raymond James; Jordan realized his true passion for financial planning shined through the brightest when he was having conversations with his family and friends about what mattered most to them. The more of these conversations he had, the more he became aware of the fact that many of the people around him had a limited number of options for objective financial guidance; especially compared to the quality of advice available to higher net worth individuals. This just didn’t make sense; why would people like his own mother, who financially struggled at times as a single mom of two, not have similar access to advice and guidance from an experienced professional? So, he decided to start his own virtual, fee-only advisory practice focused on his passion of helping people of all walks of life achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

 Bringing financial education and guidance to people has been something that has inspired Jordan since he was a student at the University of Connecticut. Jordan’s original passion in life was to become a Doctor and he started out on the pre-med track. However, halfway through college, Jordan’s inspiration began to transition from helping people with their physical health to helping people with their financial health. He decided to double major in Biological Sciences and Economics as well as form an organization on campus focused on bringing financial education to fellow classmates. Jordan graduated Magna Cum Laude while still enjoying the multiple men’s and women’s college basketball championships during his 4 years of undergraduate education. 

 Jordan has spent his entire career in financial services dedicating himself to understanding a client’s goals and developing a plan to help them accomplish what matters most. He has continued to expand on his skills, experience, and knowledge by attaining the CFP® certification, one of the most respected financial planning credentials and recognized standards of excellence in personal financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Jordan is held to the highest ethical standards and his fiduciary duty gives clients the utmost confidence that he will put their interests and wellbeing first. 

 Originally from Connecticut, Jordan moved to New York City after graduation and spent a few years working on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. He now resides in Southern California with his girlfriend Taylor and highland lynx Lia. Jordan enjoys hiking, going to live events, eating out at new restaurants, and anything beach related! When he is not busy helping his valued clients, you can find Jordan body surfing in the Pacific with his family and friends!

Ravin Walters, CFP® AWMA® Photo
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Ravin Walters, CFP® AWMA®

Financial Planner

 All the experiences you went through are the reason why you are who you are today. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination. Before Transverse Wealth, Ravin’s journey brought to light many revelations about the current state of financial services and helped him better understand the most important aspects of an effective client-financial planner relationship. Starting out in the industry, he worked for a firm that focused on insurance but over time he aligned his passion towards investments and financial planning. At firms like Charles Schwab and Merrill, he worked with individuals, families, and businesses to better position themselves for the future by exploring and then defining goals, constructing financial plans to serve not only as a guide but also as a form of accountability to reaching the goals, and implementing the necessary changes to help achieve the goals. To take an even deeper look into investment management, Ravin worked for Los Angeles based RIA as a part of their multibillion-dollar investment strategy team. 

 Despite the diversified experience gained from exposure to the various aspects of financial services, one common denominator stood out: you need to already have wealth to access high quality financial advice. So many years later of helping the wealthy stay wealthy, Ravin decided that there wasn't enough fulfillment and validation in that and thought there must be a different way to leave the world an even better place than he found it. Transverse Wealth Solutions strives to serve the underserved by helping those who are intimidated by finance through driving motivation towards achieving what matters most to them.

 Ravin was born in Hawaii and raised in Connecticut where he attended school at the University of Connecticut. He wouldn't change anything about his unconventional journey including sharing 1 bathroom with 7 other family members growing up, balancing college work and playing football, transitioning from earning a biological sciences degree to becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, and moving across the country to Los Angeles during the COVID pandemic where he resides with his wife Daniela and their two Costa Rican rescue cats Galaxy and Gucci.