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At Transverse Wealth Solutions, we choose to provide experienced, objective advice without the inherent conflicts of interest associated with charging commissions. What does this mean for our clients? The only fees we receive come directly from the advice we give you! No product sales. No hidden agenda. We simply charge for our time. Why do we choose to operate this way? Because we want our clients know that every recommendation we make is based on THEIR best interest; it is our fiduciary duty. We believe that honest, straight-forward advice is the way it should be.

How Are We Different?


Before working with us, we will clearly define our relationship as well as mutually agree on the fees and scope of the engagement.


We’re part of your team. We will work together with you and those who matter to you throughout the process to help you take control of your financial life. We will also recommend professionals from our network when appropriate and work with other professionals in your life when necessary.


Your financial life involves more than just investments; we take a holistic view of your entire financial situation and can offer ideas related to a broad range of topics.


Everyone has a different definition of what financial success means to them. We take the time to truly listen and understand what is important to you. Only then can we provide customized recommendations and specific strategies best suited to help you achieve your unique goals.


We believe everyone deserves access to professional advice and guidance regardless of their investing experience. We have no minimum asset or net worth requirements, and our virtual capabilities allow our clients to work with us when and where it is convenient for them.


Our process-driven approach allows us to utilize our experience and expertise to deliver time-tested advice based on financially sound strategies and information. As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Jordan continues to expand on his knowledge through continuing education and learning.


Our Affiliations

Founded in 2011 by Sheryl Garrett and Justin Nichols, CGN Advisors, LLC, is a Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory firm, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).