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The Financial Empowerment Program is the most inclusive, detailed, and interactive way we can work together. With this service, we provide comprehensive financial planning to our clients including initial plan development, implementation support, and ongoing access to professional advice. The Financial Empowerment Program is best for clients that are ready to get serious about their financial goals and put a system in place to enjoy life now, while planning for the future. Whether these clients are just starting out on their financial journey, facing a life-changing situation, navigating a new financial complexity, or simply want to stop making disorganized financial decisions; the one thing they all have in common is their desire to put a plan in place and work with an objective financial professional to pursue what matters most to them. The ultimate goal of this program is to empower the people we work with to take control of their financial lives by helping them to: make more informed decisions, avoid some of the common financial pitfalls, and attain greater peace of mind.

Our financial planning system utilizes The Garrett Planning Network’s 7 Steps to Financial Success to develop and help put into motion a cohesive action plan. You can learn more about these steps by clicking here.

We use this method because managing your finances involves more than just applying one-off solutions as challenges arise; it is an ongoing process that requires a multi-faceted approach to address your ever-changing life. This includes first identifying and prioritizing what is most important to you, and then sifting through all of the available information, ideas, theories, and strategies to find the ones that are most applicable to you and your goals. Next, you have to use those that are applicable in conjunction with one another to create a plan that strengthens your entire financial picture. Finally, you have to ensure that the plan can be followed and adjusted as your life and goals change. When you break these steps down with the help of a financial planner, putting a holistic plan in place to manage and navigate your finances doesn’t have to be as complicated as perceived. As a client in this program, we’ll provide:

Initial Financial Plan Development

  • The first step in our engagement is getting to know you. We will take the time to listen to you and truly understand your personal goals and current financial situation. We will use virtual meetings, emails, questionnaires, and phone calls to help gather the necessary information and documents
  • Once we understand your current financial situation and objectives, we’ll use goals-based planning to provide you with a projection analysis that illustrates the probability of a successful plan if you stay the course
  • Along with the short- and long-term projection analysis of your current strategy, we will provide you with all of the following financial analyses that are pertinent to your individual situation. These reports are part of your comprehensive financial plan and will focus on both your current scenario as well as any of the specific recommendations we may provide to enhance your plan.
    • Financial goals overview including your short-term goals like buying a new car or taking a vacation as well as your long-term goals like retirement and saving for education costs
    • Net worth statements and details
    • Asset allocation reporting that covers a summary of your overall portfolio as well as an investment analysis and recommendations
    • Risk Planning and Management including insurance review and needs analysis
    • Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis incorporating savings targets for specific goals, establishing an emergency fund, and managing expenses
    • Debt Analysis and Optimization covering topics like student loans, credit card debt, and housing debt
    • Tax planning and use of tax-efficient strategies
    • Estate Planning document review and potential ideas for improvement
    • Additional planning projection analyses to evaluate and compare the various options, scenarios, and recommendations to illustrate how any of the individual solutions may affect you over time and how blending them together into a cohesive plan improves the likelihood of success of achieving your goals throughout your life and the lives of those who matter most to you
    • Actionable Summary with immediate next steps to take  

Implementation Support

  • After initial development, we will work alongside you to help put your financial plan into action. More often than not, implementation of your plan may require multiple steps at various times. We are here to assist you with items like:
    • Opening an investment account or changing your investment selections within your taxable, retirement, or employer-based accounts
    • Setting up and/or altering any of the specifics related to your cash flow review as well as your debt analysis
    • Employer and/or government benefit initiation, support, and maintenance
    • Collaboration with other experts in your life including attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals when appropriate

Ongoing Access to Professional Advice

  • Customizable 12 Month Service Calendar
    • Includes 2-12 virtual meetings per year depending on your individual preferences
    • Strategic supplemental engagements between meetings based on your specifics and our seasonal recommendations. For example, we often recommend an End of Year Tax Planning Review in November or December to take advantage of any opportunities for improvement
    • Access to exclusive, client-only webinars to enhance your financial literacy and familiarize you with any changes or updates in the financial world
    • Proactive outreach to help make sure you are taking advantage of any potential financial ideas or strategies that might be relevant
  • Actionable meeting summaries with immediate next steps and recommendations in plain English
  • Recommendations to other professionals in our network when appropriate  
  • We will help you follow through on your plan with reminders and email alerts pertaining to any outstanding tasks
  • A CFP® team who you can contact via email any time as your situation changes or additional clarity is needed


Plan Development Fee + Subscription

$1,000 Up Front and $150 per Month thereafter

With the Financial Empowerment program, our initial plan development fee is $1,000, and our ongoing financial planning fee is $150 per month thereafter. The initial plan development includes all of the financial reports as described above. A monthly fee following your specific service calendar allows you access to us no matter what problems arise, whether they’re more complex or unique to their specific situation.