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The Hourly pricing model is designed for people who need guidance on a specific topic or financial situation. This service is best suited for people seeking a one-time engagement with a financial planner; whether it be to discuss a pressing concern, major financial decision, or to obtain a better understanding of your current finances.  

We charge an hourly fee of $170.

Our fees are based on the amount of time we’ll spend on your particular project, both working with you and working behind the scenes on your behalf. Before you agree to work with us on an hourly basis, you’ll receive a cost estimate and we’ll sign a written agreement that lays out the scope of the work and compensation.

What to Expect

  • We’ll use questionnaires and conversations to help you clarify your goals and organize the relevant financial information
  • Our team will handle the research, analysis, and projections necessary to evaluate the various options and strategies that are applicable to you
  • We will talk through our recommendations in plain English and provide you with any associated reports/analyses that accompany the written set of recommendations
  • You’ll walk away with an actionable plan that includes immediate next steps and easy to follow directions
  • You will receive 2 weeks of email access after your session to answer any clarifying questions about what to do next to implement your new strategy