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Transverse Wealth Solutions offers a broad range of financial planning services and solutions to empower the people we work with to feel confident in the strategies they have in place. We provide individually tailored financial guidance in a format that you can actually follow and take action on. We do this by taking the time to truly listen and get to know you as a person including where you are currently, where you want to go, and what’s important to you. We will work together to ensure that we are guiding you to the real-life answers you need in terms that make sense to you. We deliver our recommendations in plain-English with concise, actionable summaries that provide the next steps to take. We try to simplify things for our clients; we won’t just leave you with a confusing report that lacks clarity on how to keep your plan moving forward. Our mission is to have a positive, long-lasting impact on people’s lives and reduce some of the roadblocks that prevent people from getting their financial affairs in order. This involves education, collaboration, and transparency. For instance, you will never pay a fee without first understanding exactly what you are paying for, and agreeing to the full scope of the engagement. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about uncovering hidden agendas or maintaining a certain wealth/income level to work with a financial professional. No matter which option of working with us best suits your life, we make our financial planning services accessible by offering advice without requiring that you open an account or meet a minimum asset level.

What to Expect

The first step in any potential engagement between you and Transverse Wealth Solutions is a complimentary, discovery meeting where we will learn more about each other and what you hope to accomplish. There is no cost to this meeting and we will never pressure you into making any commitments.

Our initial discussion allows us the opportunity to talk about the services and analysis we provide that would make sense for your unique objectives as well as discuss which of the ways of working with us best fits your situation. You can learn more about our solutions and the different options for working with us by reading more in the following sections of this page.

If you have any financial concerns, needs, or goals that you’d like to take action on, we encourage you to reach out to us.  We can ask you some questions to help determine if our services make sense for you as well as answer any questions you may have.  You can take that first step by clicking below! Additionally, if you’d like to get a head start, we recommend you use our brief questionnaire in the Client Forms section to provide us with some information prior to the initial conversation.

Schedule a No-Cost Introductory Call

À la carte

Goals and Values

Goals-based Financial Planning for Short and Long Term objectives, Net Worth Summary, Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis, Help Align your money with your Values,  Help Identify & Prioritize Goals


Social Security Analysis, Retirement Projections, Retirement Contributions, Government Benefits Coordination, Retirement Income Review, Small Business Retirement Plan Analysis


College Savings Plan, College Cost Analysis, Financial Aid analysis

Investment Analysis

Investment Portfolio analysis, Asset Allocation advice, Liquidity Analysis and Emergency Savings Review, Understand hidden fees, ESG and other forms of sustainable investing

Debt Analysis

Housing Analysis and Mortgage Review, Student Loan Analysis , Car Loan Analysis, Credit Card Optimization Strategies, Debt Pay-Down


Insurance Review and Needs Analysis, Employer Benefits Maximization, Long-Term Care Needs

Tax Planning

Tax-efficient strategies, Asset location, Coordination with your Tax Professionals

Estate Planning

Will and other estate planning document review, Beneficiary review. Inheritance Considerations

Explore Other Solutions

This list is not comprehensive and we welcome you to schedule your first, no-cost meeting to explore the additional ways we can help you.

Schedule a No-Cost Introductory Call

Which Solution is Right for Me?


Wealth "Ensurance"

Financial Empowerment Program

Advice from a financial planner who will use financial planning tools and capabilities to make specific recommendations
Ability to virtually work with your advisor from anywhere
You do not have a financial plan or cohesive strategy in place
One-time Consultation to address a few specific needs or pressing concerns

You have a plan in place but still desire guidance or professional validation
Ongoing Relationship & Accountability Partner following your 12-month service calendar
Ongoing Personal Finance Education and Exclusive Content
You need help getting organized and initial construction of a comprehensive plan with continuing access to professional advice