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How can a financial advisor help me?

Anyone, any age looking for financial peace of mind can benefit from working with a good financial advisor either periodically or on a regular basis. We offer an accessible option for beginners, middle-income Americans, and do-it-yourselfers to get quality financial and investment advice. In addition, we provide corporations and organizations financial education programs for employees or members. Each individual’s situation is unique. Someone just starting out may need a detailed, long-term plan of action while someone else already on the road to achieving their goals simply may need a new strategy, professional insight, fine-tuning or second opinion of an existing plan. That’s why we work to custom tailor their services to meet each individual’s needs.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

Jordan has spent his entire career in financial services dedicating himself to understanding a client’s goals and developing a plan to help them accomplish what matters most. His passion for financial advising and investing emerged while he was a college student and he went to work for Merrill Lynch immediately upon graduating. In the following years, he spent his time delivering sophisticated advice and guidance exclusively to high-net-worth executives, individuals, and families while working at firms like Morgan Stanley and Raymond James. Jordan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This certification means he has taken extensive training, adheres to a rigorous code of ethics, and is registered as an investment advisor representative with either the state or the federal government. Jordan adheres to the CFP Board Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of their compensation and any other considerations. As a CFP Professional, I am obligated to fulfill my duty of loyalty and my duty of care when working with clients.

How (and by who) are you compensated?

Transverse Wealth Solutions is a fee-only practice, which means we get paid only by you, the client, not by selling any products or making any referrals to other providers. The conflicts of interest associated with an advisor who charges commission and is compensated based on the financial products they sell may lead to a bias in the products or solutions that are recommended. 

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in the following fundamental principles when it comes to designing an investment portfolio and making specific recommendations:

  • The purpose of a client’s investment portfolio is to fund current and/or future financial objectives.
  • The design of the portfolio must take into account the client’s financial objectives, tolerance for risk, needs for current income or liquidity, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes.
  • The important thing to remember is that no one can predict the future. Difference of opinion makes a market. Investment and economic “experts” provided with the same information often come to different conclusions. We do not suggest that we, or that any of the money or mutual fund managers that we may recommend, will make the correct decision every time. We do believe, however, that studying the historic trends and relationships of investment classes and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers can provide valuable insight.
  • We believe that a diversified, well-balanced portfolio, combined with long-term buy-and-hold strategies, affordability, and patience, increases the likelihood that one will achieve his or her long-term financial objectives.

How long does a typical engagement last?

The foundation of our planning approach utilizes a 12-month service calendar that is updated annually. However, the length of our engagement depends on the specifics of your situation; ranging from a 1-hour consultation to multiple years of collaboration. No matter which option for working with us best suits you, Transverse Wealth Solutions’ primary focus is increasing your financial independence.

What if I need to obtain financial or insurance products?

We offer specific recommendations and opinions on various products and services that may be appropriate for a client’s situation. We then can advise a client where to obtain the product or service. As an example, if you need to obtain an insurance policy or open an investment account, we can direct you to the resources you need or help you obtain these products and services.

Do you have an asset minimum?

No. We strive to provide advice and guidance to people of all walks of life regardless of net worth or investment account balance.

Do I have to open an account to work with Transverse Wealth Solutions?

Absolutely Not. We do not require you to open an account to engage with us. We primarily use hourly and subscription pricing models to advise our clients.

Do I have to pay for the first meeting?

Never. We believe that the first step in any engagement is for us to get a better understanding of what your unique needs and goals are to ensure that our services make sense for your circumstances. We do this by clearly defining the scope of our relationship before moving forward and agreeing on a fee structure. Thus, the first meeting will be free. So, bring your financial questions with you. If we aren't a good fit to work together, we will point you in the right direction.

Do you work virtually?

Yes.  We have a virtual team that can serve you no matter where you are located in the United States.

I am ready to have a conversation. How do we start?

Schedule a No-Cost Introductory Call